As a vertically integrated asset manager IKAV incorporates affiliate companies, ecoprime and emprime. Both entities provide operational and technical expertise to the group’s assets. Founded in 2011, ecoprime provides technical, operation and maintenance and asset management services for more than 500 MW across 200 assets in Europe. In 2013, ecoprime acquired global market leader BP Solar Italy well as BP Solar’s Spanish core team for technical operations.

The company has offices in Germany, Italy, Spain and France. emprime, an indirect subsidiary of ecoprime, provides numerous energy management activities across a range of energy assets. Emprime is the energy trading services company.


In 2019, IKAVs US counterpart IKAV Energy acquired BP American Production Co.'s natural gas assets. The group focuses on the delivery of sustainable returns through operational excellence while implementing a decarbonisation strategy and a renewable energy build-out in line with Net Zero 2030.


Further strategic acquisitions and corporate entities include Italy-based Ecotec, which was founded in 2018 with a focus on renewable energy development and energy efficiency projects.