Investment focus

IKAV invests in energy infrastructure assets across renewable energy, energy efficiency and conventional energy sources. 

Our portfolios are well diversified by technologies, countries and investments. We implement a buy and hold strategy, selecting assets with a strong cash yield profile to maximize returns.

With over 160 years combined experience structuring both debt and equity transactions, the team has a proven track record of identifying attractive risk return opportunities in energy infrastructure assets and across their individual value-chains.


IKAV initiated its solar energy investments in 2011 in Italy and Spain.

Strategic acquisitions within the operations and maintenance sector have enabled IKAV to grow operations to over 340 PV plants throughout Italy, Spain and France. 




Concentrated Solar Power

IKAV operates two CSP plants in Sicily, at Partanna and Trapani. 

At the time of beginning operations Partanna was the only CSP plant in Italy and the first baseload renewable power plant in the world to combine concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV). Partanna was also the first CSP plant with flat mirrors in which the molten salts are used both as a thermovector fluid and as a means for the storage of the thermal energy produced. 

CSP is a highly complex technology and our team continuously develops know-how on the use of innovative thermal fluids and solar collectors for high performance plants. 


IKAV has been developing, constructing, and operating wind projects in Italy since 2017. 

A local presence and network has been instrumental in building a high quality portfolio of wind projects that benefit from feed in tariffs. 

To date IKAV is responsible for operating 165 plants producing 90MWh.


Based in Munich, IKAV’s dedicated geothermal team is an experienced partner for the local community and acts as a global centre of competence and long-term investor for the development, operations & maintenance and asset management of geothermal projects.

Currently, IKAV holds four concessions: two existing geothermal plants in southern Germany as well as a portfolio of two additional facilities in development for a total of 17 wells.

The existing plants in Landau and Taufkirchen both provide district heat and electricity. Expansion potential across these claims allows for five additional wells and an increased output of 150MW. The development of future sites at Palling and Trostberg will add up to 165MW to the current total production figures.

Conventional energy plays an important role in IKAV´s mission to secure the energy supply of today, while taking the steps to transform the energy supply of tomorrow. 

IKAV´s investments into conventional energy are guided by strong ESG principles and a clear commitment to carbon management. 

Oil & Gas

Aera Energy LLC 

In 2023 IKAV acquired a majority share in Aera Energy LLC which sits on 225,000 acres in California and was previously owned by majors Shell and Exxon. At the time, Aera was California´s second largest oil and gas producer, supplying 76 Boe/d, 95% crude. 

In 2024 through a strategic merger with California Resources Corporation, Aera transitioned into the largest oil & gas production company in California, as well as a leader in the energy transition, producing low carbon intensity fuels while accelerating the decarbonization of the State’s industrial and energy industries.  Aera´s additional surface acreage and rights, and significant new carbon dioxide (CO2) pore space will support CRC´s ambitions to permanently sequester 5 million metric tons of CO2 per year. 


In 2020 IKAV acquired SIMCOE LLC, a natural gas asset located in the San Juan Basin previously owned by BP. SIMCOE is spread across 563,000 acres in New Mexico and Colorado and consists of a conventional gas-reservoir (94% gas, 6% NGL, and <1% oil), a midstream pipeline network and facilities for the treatment of gas before shipping.

In parallel with the strategy to build a diversified renewable portfolio across the asset´s base, SIMCOE is developing the Florida Mesa Geothermal Project (FMGP), a sedimentary binary geothermal power production project that will use geothermal resources from the Entrada Sandstone Formation to offset the Florida Plant's power usage.

Gas Peaker

In 2021, IKAV took a majority share in Italian electricity provider Metaenergia, now IME Power. 

IME Power consists of 9 modern gas peaker plants with an overall production capacity of 505 MW, ranging from 36MW to 90MW. 

Gas peakers are currently the most efficient, complementary technology to stabilize the electricity grid and support the energy transition. 

Energy Efficiency

PACE is a financing product that enables US-based property owners to fund energy performance improvements to privately owned commercial buildings while significantly reducing a building’s weighted average cost of capital. 

IKAV PACE provides the finance to retrofit existing buildings and improve energy efficiency across lighting and controls, HVAC & chillers, boilers, windows, insulation, façade and weatherproofing roofing.