IKAV initiated its solar energy investments in Italy and Spain in 2001. We have since grown our presence in each market and expanded to France through strategic acquisitions within the operations and maintenance sector. Our local market teams employ a robust understanding of technical conditions on both current and potential investments and continuously pursue and evaluate new opportunities.

A focus for IKAV in Spain is the identification, selection and acquisition of secondary solar assets. We conduct operation and maintenance on more than 400 installations and over 200 MW, with a further 300 MW under development in green field PV projects.

In Italy, ecoprime provides operations and maintenance services covering over 90 plants for an installed capacity of 230 MWp.

  • PV

Since 2019 ecoprime has operated a 75,6 MW  photovoltaic plant at Partanna – including managing the adaptation of an existing HV/MV Substation. A second plant at Mantova (MN): which produces 7.440 kWp is also currently managed by ecoprime.

  • CSP

In June 2021 ecoprime took over commercial operations of Concentrated Solar Power plant also at Partanna. In December 2021 operations expanded further to include a CSP plant in Trapani (TP) producing 4,0 MW.


IKAV currently hold two geothermal assets in Germany at Landau and Taufkirchen. Landau consists of two main wells with a combined electrical capacity of 3.5 MWel. The Taufkirchen plant provides district heat, specifically 120l at 132oC. Development on an ORC plant for electricity is ongoing.

Two further plants have been secured by IKAV with 6 wells and 4 wells identified respectively ensuring the continued expansion of this energy source.


IKAV has been developing, constructing, and operating wind projects in Italy since 2017. Our local presence and network has been instrumental in building a high quality portfolio of wind projects that benefit from feed in tariffs. We continue to broaden our energy investment portfolio to include wind energy assets across the OECD.

Gas Peaker

In 2021 IKAV took a majority share in Metaenergia, an Italian electricity provider. IKAV´s investment financed the construction of 9 gas peakers with an overall production capacity of 505 MW. These peaker plants are the most modern in their category and emit the lowest carbon emissions. They were built on brown field sites and are responsible for stabilizing the grid.

The intermittent nature of renewable power compromises the overall stability of the electricity grid. Gas peakers are currently the most efficient, complementary technology to stabilize the electricity grid, making them key to enabling the energy transition.

Conventional Energy

In 2020 IKAV completed the acquisition of BP´s natural gas assets in the San Juan Basin. Through cost savings IKAV delivers reliable returns to investors. IKAVs plans to progress the energy transition by reducing Level 1 and 2 emissions over a 15 year period while building-out a solar power plant on the considerable land available across the asset. 

Energy Efficiency

Commercial PACE is a financing product that allows USA property owners fund energy performance improvements to privately owned buildings while significantly reducing a building’s weighted average cost of capital. IKAV Pace provides the finance to retrofit existing buildings and improve energy efficiency across lighting and controls, HVAC & chillers, boilers, windows, insulation, façade and weatherproofing roofing.