The ideal partner for energy efficiency projects.

IKAV evaluates, procures, installs, finances, guarantees and operates Energy Efficiency Investments. We make the investment and our clients begin to save immediately. In return, we receive a percentage of the future cost savings that we help to generate.

Our Process


IKAV finances the entire investment against a percentage of the future energy cost savings of our clients.


IKAV evaluates energy, cost and carbon emission saving potentials.


IKAV guarantees the performance of the equipment which it procures, ensuring a long-term alignment of interest with our clients.


IKAV globally procures optimal equipment for each project.


IKAV operates and maintains the equipment for our clients.

The IKAV Team established a solid presence in the energy efficiency market, hiring energy efficiency experts and raising fresh capital for this sector, green field and brown field. We have implemented a European investment program and have been deploying funds since 2017, financing several public and private sector projects.

Public entities
IKAV develops, finances and operates public energy infrastructure and energy efficiency upgrades: municipal street lighting, transportation, HVAC systems, smart grids, district heating and co-generation.
Private entities
IKAV develops, finances and operates energy efficiency upgrades and self-consumption/ co-generation projects for private sector firms. Companies that seek to generate energy and cost savings, without having to make large investments unrelated to their core business.

Specialists in renewable energy assets.

IKAV develops green field projects and acquires secondary solar and wind assets. We create value for our investors through a rigorous development and investment process, which reflects our extensive expertise in the asset class. We’ve performed over 50 real asset purchases to date.


IKAV initiated its solar energy investments in the Italian and Spanish markets. Through strategic business acquisitions within the operations and maintenance sector in Italy, Spain and France, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the technical conditions of both current and potential investments.


The IKAV Team has been growing over the last few years and has been gaining a strong foothold in the wind energy market throughout 2017. This has lead us to broaden our energy investment portfolio to include and pursue wind energy assets across the OECD.